Auto Repair, Maintenance and Care

The Auto Care Foundation is a nonprofit trade association based in Baltimore, Maryland. Auto Care Foundation’s over 3,100 members and affiliated companies, representing about 150,000 auto technicians and mechanics across the United States, have come together to provide leadership for a common cause.

For too long, the car repair industry has been insulated from competition by a large number of auto service shops that are solely focused on the mechanics and maintenance of their own vehicles. As a result, many car owners have found themselves forced to shop at only a select number of auto repair shops, which can lead to greater frustration and, sometimes, even frustration with their own mechanic.

The Auto Repair shops, which are comprised of independent repair shops or franchises, have become so dominant and difficult to break into the industry that many local auto repair shops have closed. These closures have also resulted in fewer jobs in the automotive repair industry, due to the decline of car sales, the number of new car sales being made to existing customers, and the reduction of car loan interest rates. Because of these changes, the demand for skilled mechanics has increased, but the ability to provide a satisfying, professional service has diminished.

Because of these issues, the Auto Care industry was formed to improve the quality of car repairs for both consumers and mechanics. The membership of the organization is comprised of independent businesses, as well as franchise companies. This ensures a level of choice and competition, resulting in better prices and better service for consumers. In addition, it provides consumers with a safe place to turn when they have any questions, concerns, or worries about their car.

Auto Care is an organization that works with car owners to establish the needs of a mechanic in the auto care industry. There are many ways for the average consumer to find a competent mechanic, whether that is through word of mouth referrals, or online research. While this process does not guarantee that a qualified mechanic will show up in your community, it provides a great starting point. for many consumers. Once you have found the car mechanic you feel comfortable working on, the auto care business offers ongoing support to assist you in finding and maintaining a quality relationship with that mechanic.

The idea behind the Auto Repair industry is to ensure that all car owners can make a reasonable, informed decision about whether to hire a particular mechanic, as well as helping to educate consumers on the importance of maintenance, and preventive maintenance. The goal of Auto Care is to ensure that consumers enjoy their time in their cars, while saving money, and time and energy.

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