Water Damage Restoration – The First Step to Proper Cleanup

Water Damage Restoration refers to the process of restoring a damaged area in your house, home, office or other buildings. Water damage can cause a lot of harm not only to your belongings but also to the area where the damage is taking place. Water damage refers to different possible damages caused by water flowing over a permeable material or structure where it can allow penetration of destructive processes including rotting, growth of mold, bacteria growth, corrosion of metal, swelling of certain composites like plywood, de-lamination of materials like paint, and others. Restoration process must be started immediately after water damage has taken place.

Water Damage Restoration is required on flood-prone areas because water enters your building through broken pipes or leaks. It may even enter your house through the ceiling or other openings. In cases of house flooding, the first priority should be given to water damage restoration. You need to identify the source of the water leak and have it repaired as soon as possible to prevent further damage. In case of flood, immediate water restoration is necessary to stop the spread of water and save property from total loss.

There are two methods for Water Damage Restoration. Water extraction and water absorption. Water absorption method is used to remove accumulated moisture using techniques like wet cleaning, dry cleaning, or vacuum pressure cleaning. Water extraction method uses high-pressure water extraction to remove excess moisture and contaminants.

Water Damage Restoration starts immediately after the flood has been taken care of. Cleaning the affected area and drying it is the initial step you need to take after a flood has been taken care of. If there are mold spores present, they must be eliminated as soon as possible. Mold restoration process can be done by hiring a professional mold cleaner. Mold remediation is essential to get rid of any harmful mold.

If there are no visible signs of mold removal or mold remediation, Water Damage Restoration may not require you to replace or repair anything damaged by the floodwater. Water extraction and water absorption can be performed immediately, as well. But if there is extensive damage done to the items in the flooded basement, repairing things may not be possible. The items that cannot be repaired are the ones that had significant damages.

Water Damage Restoration should be done as soon as possible. Aside from being the first step to start the clean up and repairs, it can prevent you from having to spend thousands of dollars in fixing the damages caused by the flooding. So the sooner you can start the process, the more time you will save. But no matter how much time you spend on Water Damage Restoration, it is still a must to finish everything. Cleanup should be the first step, followed by repairs and then restorations. By doing this, you can also save money that you would have spent if the flooding had not occurred.

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